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Haldi Ceremony Photography

The haldi ceremony marks the beginning of the wedding rituals and is one of the most important wedding rituals after Tilak. The ceremony is held on the morning of the wedding day at the residence of both the groom and bride respectively. In a few cultures, this ceremony is also held a day before the wedding, after the mehendi ritual. Traditionally, people make a paste using haldi and different ingredients according to their individual family traditions. A paste prepared with haldi, curd, sandalwood, gram flour primarily, is rubbed onto the bride’s and groom’s skin before a ceremonial bath. This paste is then applied to the bride and the groom’s face, neck, hands, and feet, by their near and dear ones.


Amita Haldi Ceremony by Debanjan Debnath


Rittika Haldi Ceremony by Debanjan Debnath Photography


Ankita Haldi Ceremony by Debanjan Debnath Photography

Senjuti Haldi Ceremony by Debanjan Debnath Photography


Senjuti Haldi Ceremony by Debanjan Debnath Photography

Puja Haldi Ceremony by Debanjan Debnath Photography

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ou need a perfect photographer to compliment your perfect look

You Need A Perfect Photographer To Compliment Your Perfect Look

You’re planning your dream wedding, putting creative ideas and exertion into every minor detail.  After all, it’s going to be a day to remember for the rest of your life. But years from the wedding, all that remains are the moments, emotions and memories captured by your photographer.

Here are few tips to get perfect photographs on your wedding day:

Indian Bride -By Debanjan Debnath

Bride - Debanjan Debnath Photography

Schedule Enough Time for Each Section of the Day

It is significant that you create a course of events for your wedding day, something your wedding planner can help you with arranging. There should be an estimated start and end time for hair, makeup, reception setup, and so forth. Within that timeline should include all your photo sessions such as the first look, bridal party photos, and couple’s session

Indian Bride -By Debanjan Debnath

Indian Bride -By Debanjan Debnath

Plan Enough Time for Hair & Make-up

Delays with hair and makeup can set the whole day behind.  Plan to finish the process well ahead of schedule, too often do we see brides rushing because of unexpected delays. Many great hair and makeup artists will create a schedule to follow during wedding preparations. Your creative team will typically ask for one hour in order to document final touch-ups, detail shots, and candid moments with your closest friends and family.

Indian Bride -By Debanjan Debnath

Candid Photography- Debanjan Debnath Photography

Capture the beauty of the bride’s dress

Make sure to get photos that flaunt the details of the dress. This is no doubt the most vital dress the bride has ever worn, and she’ll want those details archived. Ask the bride what’s her favorite part of the dress, and make sure you feature it. Get shots from behind, so you can see the intricate buttons. Find ways to showcase the lace, or bows, or any other unique details. Pay attention to what shoes she is wearing, and if she might like them featured in a photo. If she has a beautiful Mehendi, get photos that show those off too.

Indian Bride -By Debanjan Debnath

Capture the groom’s look

It used to be a strict tradition that the groom could never see the bride before the wedding. Some people still want to follow that traditional rule, but many are setting it aside and getting formal before the wedding instead of just bridal portraits. I love adding a groom into the photos because you can get an added level of emotion to the session. The photos become more than just a girl in a gorgeous dress; they become a record of the love and excitement that surrounds that time right before tying the knot. You can also get great “first look” shots of the groom’s face the first time he sees his beautiful bride in her dress.

Hire Photography and Videography from the same company

Both Bride and Groom should choose a photographer and videographer from the same studio for a better choice for many reasons:

  1. The Shared Incentives and Accountability
  2. Better Communication, Workflow & Positioning
  3. The Common Shared Vision and Style
  4. Fewer Contracts & Admin for a combined Photography and Videography Package
  5. Wedding Photography and Videography Package Discounts

Debanjan Debnath Photography- Bride


Most of all, have fun with the session and enjoy getting those perfect captures for the married couple to treasure always.

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importance of engagement photography

Importance of Engagement Photography

the most special moment for this engagement day

Engagement photography is a fairly recent phenomenon that tends to create a remarkable day for couples who are going to get married. It is similar to any wedding photography having a professional engagement photographer is a great way to prepare for an upcoming wedding and capture an important milestone in any couple’s relationship.
Here are some of the reasons why I recommend engagement photography to all my wedding clients.

You can start getting comfortable in front of the camera before your big day

bride photography on engagement

Many people feel very awkward at the thought of having their image taken by a professional photographer, particularly if they have never had photographs taken before. They feel awkward and unbalanced and don’t exactly know how to unwind, how to posture, or how to show feelings. This unbalanced and awkward feeling is typically reflected in the photographs. It is an opportunity for clients to practice being in front of the camera and become accustomed to getting clicked.

Get a chance to connect with your wedding photographer

Engagament Photo Shoot By Debanjan Debnath

The more time you spend with your photographer the better the photographer can understand your profiles. Your photographer also gets to see how you and your fiancé interact with one another, and can better direct you into natural, flattering and authentic poses. Its the photographer who will spend a considerable amount of time on your wedding day capturing intimate moments and unique details, and framing the most emotional day of your life. Having a good relationship with your photographer during engagement photography sessions will create a level of comfort and trust since he or she will be the around you for the entire wedding day.

Get a chance for hair and makeup trial

Engagement Photo Shoot By Debanjan Debnath

When a bride is selecting the wedding makeup artist that is going to make her even more beautiful on her wedding day. Combining this trial during the engagement session is the perfect opportunity to see how you are going to look on camera on the wedding day.

Start building up your D-Day by sharing your engagement photos in social channels

Engagement Photo Shoot By Debanjan Debnath

In the era of social media when you want to flaunt every aspect of your wedding, you want the best pictures to start sharing. What’s better than your own engagement photos clicked by a professional photographer. Use these images as countdown posts on Facebook and Instagram, and create a buzz around the entire event.

Candid Photo Shoot by Debanjan Debnath Photography

Smart tips for Candid Photography

Candid photos are tough to get right. It’s not just about capturing a moment, but the emotion of that moment. Candid photography focuses on what the subject is naturally doing and not on what the subject must be doing. It is a style of photography where the models and the scene have not been posted. The images are of people not looking directly at the camera. Great candid photos should feel spontaneous, but there’s a surprising amount of strategy that goes into capturing that candid moment.

Candid Photography- Debanjan Debnath PhotographyOn the special day of your wedding, Candid photography is extremely important as every picture is a moment in life that has memories and emotions attached to it. And candid photography is one of the best techniques to capture real emotions.

If you want to capture the best candid photographs then we have got a few tips for you:

Always be ready with your camera: The first and the most important rule of candid photography is to always have your camera ready. Your camera needs to be in your hand and ready to shoot all the times to get the natural photographs. Glances and looks can happen in the blink of an eye, so you need to keep an eye on what’s happening around you.

Candid Photography- Debanjan Debnath PhotographyUse a Longer Lens: The best way to get perfect candid shots is to use long zoom camera. The further you are away from the subject you can capture the best picture because they will not be able to notice you.

Candid Photography- Debanjan Debath PhotographyUse the natural light and not flash:  The best possible way to take the photograph is without the flash. If you want to go unseen, widen your aperture and raise your ISO. You will be able to take well-exposed photos in low light conditions such as indoor.

Take lots of photos: The photographer should shot lots of multiple images quickly of a person, you can sometimes get some surprising and spontaneous shots that have never gotten if you shot just one. A good tip is to switch the camera on the continuous shooting mode. The more shots you take, the better chance you have a capturing the spontaneous interactions of the day.

Candid Photography- Debanjan Debnath PhotographyPerfect timing: Perfect timing is very important for a Candid Photographer. Candid Photographer doesn’t wait for the event to occur and then get ready to capture them. The candid photographers are always ready for no matter how small or big the situation is. The photographer will not wait for the moment when the groom will hold the Mangal sutra in his hand or near the bride’s neck till you capture the perfect shot. Every small moment is captured by the candid photographer.

Photograph people in a group: The wedding is not just about bride and groom photography. People interacting with one another makes a more fascinating shot. The best shot is when people are talking in groups and they turned out to be engaged with the discussion that they become less aware of what is going on around them.

Candid Photography- Debanjan Debnath PhotographyThese are just a few of the reasons that you should consider getting a candid photographer at your wedding.




23 Questions you must ask your Wedding Photographer

Choosing a wedding photographer is one of the key items of any couple. Meeting them before you sign the agreement! You’ll be spending nearly the whole day with the photographer you select, so having a face to face or telephone meet is an incredible method to ensure you’ll be happy to have them around. Not sure from where to begin with regards to talking with your photographer.

Debanjan Debnath PhotographyOur specialist have gathered together a list of questions to ask from your photographer that will help you to know everything you need to know.

  1. Are you available on our wedding date?
  2. How long have you been shooting weddings?
  3. How many weddings have you photographed?
  4. Are the images on your website taken exclusively by you or does this portfolio include associate work?  
  5. Where is the best place for me to view a full portfolio of your work?
  6. How would you describe your photography style?
  7. What would you compare your work to?
  8. Can we request a list of specific shots we would like?
  9. What is included in your standard package?
  10. What add-ons do the more expensive packages include?
  11. Can I customize a package to fit my needs?
  12. How many hours are included in each package?
  13. How much do extra hours cost?
  14. Do you charge a travel fee? For what distance? What does that cover?
  15. What type of album do you offer?
  16. Do you provide assistance selecting images and designing the album?
  17. Are albums or prints included in your packages?
  18. How many pages or prints are included, and what is the turnaround time?
  19. How long after the wedding will we receive the images?
  20. How will they be delivered?
  21. How much of a deposit do you require? When is it due?
  22. What is your refund or cancellation policy?
  23. What is the backup plan if you are unable to shoot my wedding for an unexpected reason?

Debanjan Debnath Photography

So here you have a list of questions that will help you to select the photographer who will capture the most precious moment of your life, at a price that fits your budget.

Honeymoon Photo Shoot By Debanjan Debnath

Honeymoon Photography

The Pre-wedding shoot is finished, the wedding film has been shot, the photographer has caught you and your sweetheart from each point in the numerous occasions prompting your wedding, yet now what?

Simple just schedule a few hours with a professional photographer during your honeymoon and enjoy quality time with your spouse on an adventure of a lifetime, and capturing these moments is often overlooked. Taking a massive amount of selfies and standing still and waiting for the self-timer to go off can remove a portion of the sentiment from catching this amazingly pleasant piece of your wedding experience is really exhausting.

Honeymoon Photography- Debanjan Debnath PhotographyEver wished that you have recorded each one of those beautiful areas in an ideal way, without requesting that someone to take a photo or being concerned how would I make the best photo of this area or what pose do we decide for the location. These photographs will create a lifetime memory from the minute you arrive at the destinations to when you leave the place.

Along these lines, walks on the beach, romantic dinner dates, beautiful resorts, never again should be hindered to get that excellent shot of the sunset.

Conveying along an excursion photographer to share your extraordinary trip to you not just ensures perfectly shot pictures to add to your photograph collection, yet is an important method to guarantee that the experience is a remarkable one.

Honeymoon Photography- Debanjan Debnath

So, if you are looking for a photographer who can capture your special moments, book us and have a fabulous experience at an affordable rate.

Bride Photo Shoot By Debanjan Debnath

Tips for Photographers to Capture the Most Precious Indian Wedding Poses

We adore weddings!
Furthermore, we cherish shooting weddings!
It’s the day you’ve been dreaming about for months, the day when all your preparations come together in a beautiful ceremony.
It’s your day!

With the traditions, rituals, vows and most importantly the dreams that follow ahead. But what makes Indian weddings the most glorious of all the marriages across the globe is the pretty and shy bride in her colourful, rich outfit.
It’s the photographer’s utmost responsibility to capture those precious moments.

Here are few tips for photographers to capture the Indian Bride on her Big Day to make it a memory to cherish always.

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The Bridal Beauty:

A wedding, for the most part, spins around the bride and catching her beauty in a unique, imaginative manner is the ideal approach to archive a wedding. An Indian Bride is dignified from head to toe with adornments, mehendi and artistically weaved outfits. The best and most lovely of all the following pictures that you will click is the bride of the hour sitting with her entire family with magnificence and magnetism.

DebanjanDebnath Photography- Bride

The Bridesmaids:

The friends of the bride are key to a successful wedding, as they are mostly responsible for the bride’s makeup, grooming and other essentials. Without the bridesmaids, a wedding does not have all the colour that it needs. From playing games with the groom to photo bombing everywhere, bridesmaids bring all the fun in a wedding. So if a photographer is looking for some Wow factors in the album, the bridesmaids are always next in line for bringing that fun element.

The Candid Moments:

Candid photography plays an essential role on a wedding day. Moments that build up on the day are essentially unique to every individual in their own ways. Like you are sharing an old joke with your father at your wedding and months later, as you look through the wedding pictures, you come across a photo of that exact moment. That is the magic of candid wedding photography.

Debanjan Debnath Photography- Bride

Capturing Ceremonies:

While most Indian weddings have a special “mehendi and sangeet” ceremony before the wedding day, typical Bengali weddings have their “basorghar” on the wedding night. This is the time when both the families, the groom and the bride’s families dance their heart out.And, capturing these ceremonies bring an unique tone to your stack of photos.


When it comes to creativity our team has an impressive knack with the photography techniques. The eye- catching angles, dynamic reflection shots, unique backgrounds and different variations of lighting. We take pride in our passion for catching the unforgettable and epic photography.

Which of these are you favourite?

Share your thoughts.

Baby PhotoShoot By Debanjan Debnath

Few Tips for a Perfect Baby Photoshoot from the Best Photographer in Kolkata

Welcoming a Precious new baby into your family is one of life’s most beautiful and brilliant moments in any parent’s life! When it comes to taking photographs of newborns, it turns into a troublesome task for most picture takers since baby photography isn’t the same as wedding photography.

I would love to share with you some tips and ideas to help you create beautiful images of your baby and to make this experience enjoyable and stress-free. There are a few simple things you can do that will ensure a happy baby and a productive photo session.

Location – The best place for capturing the newborn baby shoot is in their home. It will make each setting significant in the pictures. Another benefit of taking photos of newborn baby in their home is because every photo session will be beautiful and unique as every house is different from the other.

Background and Light – As the shoot is done at home, we prefer to open all of the blinds and curtains of the home before our arrival. This enables us to find the best source of natural light in your home so that we can set up our “mini-studio” in the best possible location. Nothing flatters like natural light, so we prefer to use it whenever possible.

Time Duration – Studio sessions ordinarily last 3-4 hours which incorporates pictures of the infant on his or her own and after that with each parent and next to that the entire family together. That may appear like quite a while, yet for the most part about the portion of that time is spent feeding and comforting the child to get him or her ready for the portraits.

Looks – Most studio newborn photography is done with simple and minimum home clothing to catch the innocence of being a newborn so something that is easy to take on and off. Such garments are never ideal for photography, yet on babies, it truly looks appalling.

The photographer needs to be prepared for the ideal minute to get the shot they require. It’s not a good idea to try and force the baby to pose since that’s not something a child of that age would understand. Instead, focus on the natural movements and what makes the baby look natural. While the parents may want a yawn or a specific pose to have a picture of, they need to be told that it could take a lot of time and a few sessions. It’s never going to go perfectly, and that is the excellence of this kind of photography when an incredible shot can be come out at any moment during the entire shoot.


Traditional Indian Wedding Photography

Traditional Indian Wedding Photography

Traditional Indian Wedding PhotographyA Traditional Indian Wedding Photography is not like any other wedding photography. Indian photography is itself an art. All around the world individuals celebrate marriage in different traditions, however, as a photographer, I should state there is an extra bit of talent, patience, and skill to photography a one of a kind Indian wedding. Indians take extreme pride in their weddings, it’s clear from day one that the number of details, decoration, and planning that is done for the day. When arranging a traditional wedding it is basic to hold the right photographer that can value the amount of work that was given that day.
India is a beautiful country with different people from different culture, which different from state-to-state. A typical Indian wedding ceremony lasts for a minimum of three days and they vary depending on the local culture and tradition.

Types of Traditional Indian Wedding Photography

Traditional Indian Wedding Photography

Bengali Wedding Photography – Bengalis are known all over India to be a creative, passionate and an intellectual set of people. And a Bengali wedding would definitely reflect this! Whether it is the Dodhi Mangal ceremony, the Shakha Pola or the Basar Ghar ceremony where you step into your new household, these are all moments that will happen just once in your lifetime.

Rajasthani Wedding Photography – A traditional Rajasthani wedding is one in which both the Bride and the Groom celebrate most of the events/functions like Haldi, Mehendi, Ganesh-Puja/Vinayak-Sthapna and the Sangeet (Music Night) separately. Groom then travels to the Bride’s place, with his friends and relatives (except his mother), to bring her to the new home. Groom’s mother usually stays at his home so that she can welcome the bride wholeheartedly.


Punjabi Wedding Photography – A Sikh wedding, is a very beautiful and joyous occasion, where two souls are joined together equally. The wedding takes place in the ‘Gurudwara’, a very spiritual and tranquil Sikh temple. Sikh weddings are full of tradition, color, fun, emotion and plenty of partying. Both bride and groom celebrate the events like Rokka, Mangini, Sagai, Dholki, and Mehndi.

Gujarati Wedding Photography – Gujarat is known for its great culture, and delicious vegetarian food. All of these traits come together during a typical Gujarati wedding where the union of two souls is not just a bunch of ancient ritual, but a true celebration. It is a two or three day’s affair with multiple rituals observed through each day. If you can imagine a wedding full of fun and frolic without being over the top showy affair; then you must have experienced a true Gujarati Wedding. Let’s take a peek at the various Gujarati wedding traditions.

Traditional Indian Wedding Photography

Contact us to make your Traditional Indian Wedding Photography special
Please contact us if you’re interested in hiring us for your Indian Wedding! We would love to be a part of your special day.


Importance of Pre- Wedding Photography

Importance of Pre- Wedding Shoot

Pre-Wedding ShootWeddings are an exciting, enjoyable and unique event that you’ll recollect until the end of time. Although valuable snapshots of the occasion will undoubtedly have a permanent impact on you, the best method for reminiscing the experience is through photography. Memories can fade, yet photographs can keep going forever.

What is Pre-Wedding shoot?

Pre-wedding photo-shoot is a session that you book with your photographer several months prior to the wedding. A significant number of our couples book a shoot with us to get settled before the camera, and they regularly utilize these pictures for an individual touch to their wedding.

Pre-wedding photo or video shoot is specially designed to capture lifetime memories and show the real you, your personality, your story, your chemistry, and the love between you and your partner.  It makes you and your partner fall in love with each other all over again.

Pre-Wedding Shoot

The significance of a Pre-Wedding Shoot

  • The bond between photographer and client: Establishing a relationship with the photographer before the wedding day makes a difference in the outcome of the wedding day photos. The pre-wedding shoot helps the photographer to notice various aspects of couples, such as personality, behavior, and the chemistry that works between the pairs. You can relax completely in front of the camera and be yourself throughout. It may help your photographer to discover your best angles and positions to make your wedding day photos outstanding.


  • Which style suits the best: When you see the pre-wedding photographs, you can settle on the edges, positions, and acts that appear to be best for you. You can likewise pick on the what kind of photography you require on your big day. Be it candid, portrait, magazine or something unique.

Debanjan Debnath Photography -Pre Wedding Shoot

  • Get rid of camera nerve: Various couples feel modest and do not have any idea of what they are supposed to do on the big day. You will get an understanding of how the photographer will guide you on the big day to get the best pictures. I am confident that if you book for a pre-wedding shoot, you are beside expressions will be reflected in your photographs.


  • Create Memories for different places: Pre-wedding photography in different locations make it the best wedding photograph collection. It is additionally great to have the shoot at the location where you had your first date or where you never got a chance to visit together. A portion of the couple’s lean towards shooting at places where they grew up, colleges and so on.

Debanjan Debnath Photography -Pre Wedding Shoot

  • Use photos for reception slideshow presentation: For something genuinely unique, you can highlight photographs from your pre-wedding shoot even during the big day at the gathering. Put aside 5-10 minutes at night, pick some wonderful music to run with it, and wow your visitors with a slideshow featuring your romantic tale.                                                                                                                                                                                  Pre-Wedding Shoot
Debanjan Debnath-The Young Magician of Wedding Photography

The Young Magician of Wedding Photography

Debanjan Debnath

When people refer to ‘Debanjan Debnath’ as the ‘young magician of wedding photography’ – it is only fitting that you maintain the best of techniques to capture unspoken moments. Debanjan is a well-known photographer and has been involved with the film and fashion industry for around 12 years. This young dynamic Bong is battling against all the gray heads frontbenchers from the industry.

Why did Debanjan select wedding photography as his forte? Nowadays every mobile phone owner is a wedding photographer.  The stories clicked by Debanjan are in itself a story. One of his wedding clients said “When my father saw the photo where me and my Baba were crying at the time of “Kanya daan”, Debanjan captured a candid shot of my husband beside me whose eyes wet too. My baba was not very happy with my marriage decision because he is from different background. After that moment my baba was completely convinced about my choice.”

He believes in capturing natural moments and does not prefer much filtering and editing. He has a unique sense of capturing best angles in every shot.

Debanjan looks at wedding photography in a whole new way. His lenses are just an extended part of his eyes. Also he has various lenses and equipments for shooting along with a dynamic team to support his work. Debanjan follows a strong line of discipline among his team members and they are happy to work with him. One of his team members, Nirjita said “He is a strict trainer and I am learning a lot from him and the most important part is he believes in maintaining a good relationship with all the clients and it reflects on his work too. May be that’s why he can highlights clients’ best part through his lenses.”

Though he is famous for unique wedding photography but his fashion portfolio is just out of the box too. He is the icon for many upcoming models. He is also covering few events with unusual concept because he prefers uncommon ideas and thoughts.

At such a young age he has already achieved so much. For him learning and unlearning is the only way to success!!

Source: Sholoana Bangaliana

Debanjan Debnath Collage

Importance of Wedding Photographer

The Wedding MomentThe wedding is about the valuable minute for the couple also for the family and companions of the couple. Each couple needs to make their extraordinary day more unique by including into uncommon things.

With regards to organising your wedding, there are a lot of things to examine. The outline will appear to be countless, and you may not know where to begin, yet when it comes to wedding organising, there are a couple of things that ought to be your priority.

A standout amongst the most important variables of a wedding is the wedding photography. The wedding photography is what is left while everything else has been stuffed up and secured.

 The Wedding Moment

Reasons that why emphasis should be given to the photographer that will make your photo album of the day are for the most part that after the wedding time is over, then the things you are going to have in your hand likely and the primary physical thing would be the wedding album. These photographs will remind you how thankful he is for you when questions hit you years not far off. Save the memory how he looked like at you when you strolled down the path that day; that is genuine love. Recall the giggling and privileged insights that you used to share. Keep in mind the things that you did together. When you both may limit and abbreviate to express the sentiment of affection with each other, and that photograph collection is going to rewind and update your romantic tale. The wedding photographs will demonstrate to you what number of companions you had, who were the people among the relatives and the friends present on your day. It’s not only a couple of photographs of you and your partner on your big day looking lovely and happy, it is about an excellent story of your big day, from dressing and smirking with your bridesmaids to the feeling on your fathers see as he sheds a tear and looks on proudly. Catching the beautiful points of interest on your day twilight and long stretches of arranging, from the excellent blossoms, your dress and venue, catching the feeling of your guests, the anxiety of the groom, entirely through to that first move, this isn’t only any story, this is your story.

 The Wedding Moments

Wedding photography is significant because it will grab your day, it will grasp your memories, it will convey an extraordinary story, it will recount a fascinating story of your unique day, multi-day you will always remember. A story that you can demonstrate loved ones, your children, and grandkids, something you will have and can treasure forever.

Pre Wedding Photoshoot Location In Kolkata

Top 5 Locations in Kolkata for Pre Wedding Shoot

Life is all about capturing beautiful emotions, memories, and those special moments that make you smile when you look back at them – and a pre-wedding shoot offers just that. At the ending of almost any wedding day, it’s consistently the photographs that provide couples with memories they treasure forever. It’s a thought at which the to-be-married couples get themselves an opportunity to generate some un-replicable precious moments which are beautifully recorded with their own photographer. Just about all brides and their photographers prefer natural outside areas due to their Pre Wedding shoots. A backyard location makes it possible for the couple to be in the front of a camera. Thus, deciding on a suitable location can work amazing things for the take.
Well, we’ve put together a guide that will assist you to pick the ideal location to get a high-value shoot on the own city.

1. Charming Photoshoot at Princep Ghat

Princep ghat

The beauty of these thick columns and the imperial design of Princep Ghat put in a surreal touch with love. Made famous by the Vidya Balan hit Parineeta, the ministry here stands specialized in James Princep. Get lost from each other since you hug tightly towards this particular exact gothic-styled area. An architectural highlight in town, together with the Ganges flowing by this place should produce the surface of your list. From ethnic to blend and western, no appearance won’t mix into this background.

2. Pre-Wedding Photoshoot at Victoria


Victoria Memorial is a standout amongst the most popular and delightful landmarks made of white marble situated in the core of the City of Joy, Kolkata. The patio nurseries cover a zone of 64 sections of land, with lovely statues of the pioneer rulers. The greenery and open spaces make it a proper place for shooting your romantic moments. The excellent perspective of British design, alongside a blend of European, Persian, and Indian style, make it a hotspot for photography sweethearts. This outdoor shoot will genuinely catch the essence of the city of joy, Kolkata.


3. Captured The Intimate Love at Eco Park


Eco-park at New Town area, surrounded by land and water body using an island at the center, maybe the most recent destination for most photographers from Kolkata. The audience mostly includes laid back people who’ve come to unwind and revel in. As soon as you’re there, you may take all of the time you want to fill out the shoot emptiness of any disturbance and distractions.
Speaking about this place, Eco Park is another favorite place for pre-wedding shoot nowadays. It’s a mix of the water park, body, paths, and boat journey, all that the photographer can request.

4. Nature Defines Their Love at Maidan


The biggest urban stop in Kolkata, Maidan, is a tremendous stretch of field, spotted and lined up with statues, freshness, lavish greenery, tram tracks and pieces of architecture. The enormous Maidan presents a most stimulating appearance to the eye, the real night dew, even in the hot season, keeping the grass green. It additionally houses Fort Williams, Victoria Memorial, St. Paul’s Cathedral and Birla Planetarium. The huge territory, which now and again is extremely occupied, disorganized and swarmed, influences a couple to shoot emerge from the rest, influencing it to look one of a kind.

5. Precious Pre-Wedding Moment at Red Road

Red Road

Red Road, is a street in Kolkata that keeps running from Raj Bhavan to Fort William. The British specialists proposed for the street to have the capacity to have huge processions. The name ‘Red Road’ was offered because of its surfacing. The ideal time for a shoot should be early morning. If the shoot is in winters, the atmosphere makes the surrounding look even more beautiful. This outdoor shoot will truly capture the essence of the city of joy, Kolkata.

Dear couples, who are planning to get hitched soon in Kolkata, make your pre-wedding shoot look stunning and wonderful by catching your exceptional moments in these spots specified above, making it a memory to be loved for a lifetime.

Are you ready to create some amazing and everlasting memories with us?

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