Welcoming a Precious new baby into your family is one of life’s most beautiful and brilliant moments in any parent’s life! When it comes to taking photographs of newborns, it turns into a troublesome task for most picture takers since baby photography isn’t the same as wedding photography.

I would love to share with you some tips and ideas to help you create beautiful images of your baby and to make this experience enjoyable and stress-free. There are a few simple things you can do that will ensure a happy baby and a productive photo session.

Location – The best place for capturing the newborn baby shoot is in their home. It will make each setting significant in the pictures. Another benefit of taking photos of newborn baby in their home is because every photo session will be beautiful and unique as every house is different from the other.

Background and Light – As the shoot is done at home, we prefer to open all of the blinds and curtains of the home before our arrival. This enables us to find the best source of natural light in your home so that we can set up our “mini-studio” in the best possible location. Nothing flatters like natural light, so we prefer to use it whenever possible.

Time Duration – Studio sessions ordinarily last 3-4 hours which incorporates pictures of the infant on his or her own and after that with each parent and next to that the entire family together. That may appear like quite a while, yet for the most part about the portion of that time is spent feeding and comforting the child to get him or her ready for the portraits.

Looks – Most studio newborn photography is done with simple and minimum home clothing to catch the innocence of being a newborn so something that is easy to take on and off. Such garments are never ideal for photography, yet on babies, it truly looks appalling.

The photographer needs to be prepared for the ideal minute to get the shot they require. It’s not a good idea to try and force the baby to pose since that’s not something a child of that age would understand. Instead, focus on the natural movements and what makes the baby look natural. While the parents may want a yawn or a specific pose to have a picture of, they need to be told that it could take a lot of time and a few sessions. It’s never going to go perfectly, and that is the excellence of this kind of photography when an incredible shot can be come out at any moment during the entire shoot.



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