A good baby photographer is not just a capture of memories and an artist of expressions, but her role includes all of the above, and so much more. Babies don’t care who you are, or what you plan to do. You turn up with your camera, photography gear, props, lights and the whole shebang and they turn up your nose at you and get busy in their world. Throwing toys, running away, bawling their head off, playing with dirt, asking to be fed, going off to sleep, almost falling and causing mini heart attacks, and everything that can make your life difficult as a photographer. You almost wish you were a nature photographer. At least mountains and trees don’t run away or make faces, and definitely, don’t kick you.

One perfect shot can take hundreds of clicks, as kids are never still and you never know when you might miss the perfect moment. Baby Photography is not a profession. It’s reveling in the adventure of life, and being in the present moment. It’s flowing with what is, and capturing moments that take your breath away. Being with babies teaches you what life is all about, and I wouldn’t exchange that for literally anything in the world.