the most special moment for this engagement day

Engagement photography is a fairly recent phenomenon that tends to create a remarkable day for couples who are going to get married. It is similar to any wedding photography having a professional engagement photographer is a great way to prepare for an upcoming wedding and capture an important milestone in any couple’s relationship.
Here are some of the reasons why I recommend engagement photography to all my wedding clients.

You can start getting comfortable in front of the camera before your big day

bride photography on engagement

Many people feel very awkward at the thought of having their image taken by a professional photographer, particularly if they have never had photographs taken before. They feel awkward and unbalanced and don’t exactly know how to unwind, how to posture, or how to show feelings. This unbalanced and awkward feeling is typically reflected in the photographs. It is an opportunity for clients to practice being in front of the camera and become accustomed to getting clicked.

Get a chance to connect with your wedding photographer

Engagament Photo Shoot By Debanjan Debnath

The more time you spend with your photographer the better the photographer can understand your profiles. Your photographer also gets to see how you and your fiancé interact with one another, and can better direct you into natural, flattering and authentic poses. Its the photographer who will spend a considerable amount of time on your wedding day capturing intimate moments and unique details, and framing the most emotional day of your life. Having a good relationship with your photographer during engagement photography sessions will create a level of comfort and trust since he or she will be the around you for the entire wedding day.

Get a chance for hair and makeup trial

Engagement Photo Shoot By Debanjan Debnath

When a bride is selecting the wedding makeup artist that is going to make her even more beautiful on her wedding day. Combining this trial during the engagement session is the perfect opportunity to see how you are going to look on camera on the wedding day.

Start building up your D-Day by sharing your engagement photos in social channels

Engagement Photo Shoot By Debanjan Debnath

In the era of social media when you want to flaunt every aspect of your wedding, you want the best pictures to start sharing. What’s better than your own engagement photos clicked by a professional photographer. Use these images as countdown posts on Facebook and Instagram, and create a buzz around the entire event.


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