Traditional Indian Wedding PhotographyA Traditional Indian Wedding Photography is not like any other wedding photography. Indian photography is itself an art. All around the world individuals celebrate marriage in different traditions, however, as a photographer, I should state there is an extra bit of talent, patience, and skill to photography a one of a kind Indian wedding. Indians take extreme pride in their weddings, it’s clear from day one that the number of details, decoration, and planning that is done for the day. When arranging a traditional wedding it is basic to hold the right photographer that can value the amount of work that was given that day.
India is a beautiful country with different people from different culture, which different from state-to-state. A typical Indian wedding ceremony lasts for a minimum of three days and they vary depending on the local culture and tradition.

Types of Traditional Indian Wedding Photography

Traditional Indian Wedding Photography

Bengali Wedding Photography – Bengalis are known all over India to be a creative, passionate and an intellectual set of people. And a Bengali wedding would definitely reflect this! Whether it is the Dodhi Mangal ceremony, the Shakha Pola or the Basar Ghar ceremony where you step into your new household, these are all moments that will happen just once in your lifetime.

Rajasthani Wedding Photography – A traditional Rajasthani wedding is one in which both the Bride and the Groom celebrate most of the events/functions like Haldi, Mehendi, Ganesh-Puja/Vinayak-Sthapna and the Sangeet (Music Night) separately. Groom then travels to the Bride’s place, with his friends and relatives (except his mother), to bring her to the new home. Groom’s mother usually stays at his home so that she can welcome the bride wholeheartedly.


Punjabi Wedding Photography – A Sikh wedding, is a very beautiful and joyous occasion, where two souls are joined together equally. The wedding takes place in the ‘Gurudwara’, a very spiritual and tranquil Sikh temple. Sikh weddings are full of tradition, color, fun, emotion and plenty of partying. Both bride and groom celebrate the events like Rokka, Mangini, Sagai, Dholki, and Mehndi.

Gujarati Wedding Photography – Gujarat is known for its great culture, and delicious vegetarian food. All of these traits come together during a typical Gujarati wedding where the union of two souls is not just a bunch of ancient ritual, but a true celebration. It is a two or three day’s affair with multiple rituals observed through each day. If you can imagine a wedding full of fun and frolic without being over the top showy affair; then you must have experienced a true Gujarati Wedding. Let’s take a peek at the various Gujarati wedding traditions.

Traditional Indian Wedding Photography

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